• We are selective breeders of traditional Pea Comb Buckeye Red chickens. We
    incubate, brood and raise Buckeye pullets and cockerels for the purpose of
    making them available to others towards the goal of conserving the breed as
    it\'s originator Nettie Metcalf envisioned it and perpetuating the breed for the
    enjoyment of future generations.


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  1. Bill_Dyke
    Thank you Gem. It's also extremely predator proof. Not 100%, none is. 6 foot high fence with 1 foot turn out at the top; single strand electrified wire 1 foot off the ground, 1 foot from the outside of the fence. We had a series of devastating fox kills a couple of years ago. This whole operation will be moving from the outskirts of Indianapolis IN (Beech Grove), North to Yorktown IN onto the real farm of my daughter's family in less than 3 years, at which time my wife and I will retire from our day jobs and start farming & Buckeye breeding for real.
  2. Gem
    Wow what a beautiful setup you have for your chickens and so pleasing on the eye too. Definitely something I would aspire to have for my chickens.