Henton Inn

  • My husband is not a carpenter, but I think this is a good looking house. The hens love the view of one of our gardens and beyond that is the one acre pond...I worried about the size of this Hen House for our hens...but we only ended up with three hens out of 7 chicks...the other four are Roosters. All are Bantams. We have a hen house, a rooster house and a store bought coop that I didn't think would hold up to predators around here so it is currently on a tarp in the garage and houses two roosters at night when we lock them up.
    Our chickens were bought as day old chicks...on the 8th of March. We picked them out because of the different colors...and they were in a group of straight run chicks. We need more hens...and will make one additional Rooster house. Each Rooster house can hold several roosters...but they have to be divided inside...We are working on that....
    Our Roosters are not too rough with the hens yet...and all of our chickens free range. We have 7 acres. The hens so far lay their eggs in the store bought house mostly in its nest boxes. We currently are trying to incubate 7 eggs. If we end up with more roosters...we will be looking for homes for them. I eventually would like to end up with more silkies or Cochin. Four of our chickens are Cochins...two hens and two roosters.
    I want a bigger hen house that I can put a chair in and the chicken feed and also have electricity...I want it in my big vegetable garden or at least near it. We are working on getting our duck and goose house built...it just needs the roof added and the nest box. and electricity and maybe running water nearer to it...the pond however is right next to it...but so far the ducks and geese haven't taken to it.


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