Hengra~la,Little Pink Houses

  • Hengra~la is the home of a small flock of around 20-30 chickens and 4 ducks. The run is approx. 45' long by 12' wide,holding two movable houses w/5 nest boxes.The front end backs up to my bigger barn,with a three sided mini-stall and perches. It provides an open air, yet protected from the elements,place for chickens who don't like to go inside at night,or at least not all the way inside.The back side has a baby pool for the ducks,which I scrub,dump and refill daily.Expansion of the run is under way providing about another 12'x15', and a sandbox w/french drain to put the duck pond on. My chickens are various breeds,mostly mutts,most incubator babies.My ducks are 3 mallards and 1 pekin,all incubator babies. I scrape, backfill and resod about 6-8 times a year.Just for fun,hobby and pets.Eggs are a gift from The Good Lord via my hens!! Therefore, what we don't eat are free to family,friends and neighbors :)
    I also have honey bees!


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