Happy Chicken House

  • This is our new chicken coop and run that took a total of about a month to build. We used as much reclaimed material as possible. We have a friend that allowed us to have the wood for the walls, in exchange we are giving them some of our fresh eggs. I have a friend that had the chain link fence and gate for sale for $50 so that was a big cost saver also! The nest boxes that we are using was given to us, we went and picked up 10 laying hens and the person had an extra nest box sitting out so we asked him how much he wanted for it and he just gave it to us! Score! We put chicken wire over the top of the run to protect my flock from predators, and buried part of the fence underground to keep dogs from digging in and where the fence was shorter we buried railroad ties and nailed the fence to those. The window in the coop was also reclaimed and will work wonders on hot days, when they need a cool breeze. we also left a gap at the top for ventilation, and we will be adding a partial door to help block the wind on windy days. We allow the chickens to free range during the day when we can keep a close eye on them!!! My girls and guy will be so much happier in this bigger coop!!!!


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  1. wingman
    Nice job on this coop! Y'all did a good job using reclaimed items!