• I currently have 9 separated Chicken runs and some shared coups.....That I
    call the Rooster Condos. I have incubated my own eggs, and had a broody hen I
    allowed to hatch the eggs. Then I ended up with more roosters than the coop at
    that time could handle. Therefore I made more pallet coups, and separated the
    rooster and his hen from the next door rooster and hen with chicken wire. I
    would never kill my chickens....so this was my solution. I started with a
    chicken tractor that weighed about 100 times more than the wheels would support
    so it became stationary. My original chickens got Infectious Cordzy so after
    giving shots 3 times a day with antibiotic, they all survived but one. That was
    when I realized I was going to need more coops away from the original so my
    sweet little carriers wouldn't infect the new ones. (did I mention that I don't
    cull :D ) Anyway the first picture is of the second coop with well birds, and
    the white chicken tractor that houses the carrier group is below that. All of
    the other coops need to be painted, so I won't post them.


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  1. soratosjc
    How do you gain access to clean the run? We have a similar setup.