Garage Coop

  • When we moved to our current home we learned we could have a flock of chickens, but we have no land, only our House and two story garage. Well, we had no use for all of the space in the garage so we decided to use it like a barn. We had all the lumber from an outbuilding we tore down on our old property and made a lovely chicken coop out of all re-purposed lumber and some shipping crates that I had rescued from work to turn into nest boxes. The whole thing is about 14'X20' and we have a turkey and guinea hen in with our chickens. It's not done yet, but when it is it will be heated in the winter and have a hay loft above it.


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  1. zcswine
    @melvawicklund Thanks. It is pretty easy to clean, now if I can just get the chickens to lay their eggs in more than just one of the nests! Lol.
  2. melvawicklund
    I love it. The crates are great with the boardwalk in front and the gang plank to the side. Should be easy to keep clean with the arrangement. Great job!