Free Range WNY Chicken Eggs

  • No-No! Bad Chickens! My garden is planted, my cute little seeds have sprouted and the chickens are running around, playing my yard. Those chickens are such cute and curious creatures. So basically all was good with my world, until the chickens discovered my veggie garden. I was okay with the fact that they love hosta plants and eat them until they are flat on the ground. I decided I liked my chickens way more than my hosta. It did not take them long to find the other garden;the veggie garden. I read somewhere they are good for gardens and maybe they will just eat the bugs and help me fertilize the soil. Think again on that plan! They ate the heads off of my tomatoes, peppers and dug up all the seeds that had not sprouted. They gave me nicely tilled soil and green sticks coming out of the ground.

    So, my other half came up with this great way to keep them out of the garden. He said his grandparents used to do it and it worked well. So he took tin pans and tied them to sticks and stuck them in the ground all around the veggie garden. That sure scared our baby chickens but not for long. Before long they were right back in the garden. We moved on to plan B: chicken wire and garden stakes. I know, I bet you think we caged in our garden, right? Guess again! We built a hundred feet enclosure around our shed (AKA- chicken coop). I must say, they do not seem unhappy being caged and when we are in the yard we let them to run around. I think maybe I have been around dogs to much in my life; do chickens even need to run around? Well, these chickens seem to enjoy it and they all run right towards the veggie garden every time.

    We get about 30 eggs a day from our hens. We placed the egg information on and now we sell the eggs as fast as our girls lay them. Having chickens has been a great experience and I would reccommend that everyone keep a few chickens! Selling the extra eggs pays for the feed and bedding and we get the pure joy of living with our flock!


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  1. BigSte01
    Hi, I know exactly what you mean, I have all my veg's in pot's so they can be moved. Yes I agree chickens do give lovely tilled soil and highly fertilized to. We do have them because they are big time waster's. Enjoy your flock.