Flock block

  • I don't know if any body has used a flock block before or not but my chickens love it here is some pics

Recent Reviews

  1. tracia
    Be careful not to leave it in the rain. I bought one and put it down without thinking. Carried on with my ADHD and a few hours later it was completely gone. Just a pile of yucky mush that no one really enjoyed.
  2. alwayswithmygirls
    "Lasts a long time."
    Pros - All my chickens and Guineas love this product. I always have it for them.
    Cons - Maybe has too much syrup holding it together.
    I keep it in the coop so the animals always have snacks.
  3. DBOW0747
    "I think it is a wonderful product and as far..."
    Pros - Lasts a long time and the chickens love it. Saves money on buying feed.
    Cons - Falls apart as the chickens eat it, so you have piles of flock block around the original product.
    I cannot praise this product enough. It is wonderful! When I bring a flock block home for my hens, they come running and follow me to the garage where I put it for them to nibble on in bad weather. The price is reasonable and it supplements the regular laying crumbles they eat.


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