Fishwell Farms

  • So, we built this coop/run for around $200.Purina has a really good plan if you like this coop. We modified it to fit our space and made it 2 feet longer to accommodate more chickens. There's a lot of hardware cloth, which was our biggest expense. Could have built it cheaper if we had reused more materials for the framing. My Dad gave us the metal roofing for free. Window from Restore for $15. Hinges only 50c each there too! Things I need to fix/wish I had done: Put pop door towards front instead of back to avoid cold air on the girls' feet in winter.(may still have to do this one.) Made the run taller so my 6'5' husband can't say, "I can't reach the feeder in there or it's not tall enough for me to clean out the run". Rearrange the perches and feeders inside for more perching space and less poo in food or water or nest boxes. One whole end open up for clean out. I only have a 2 ft door to deal with getting all the litter out. We still need to finish "siding" it with reused deck boards and also finish painting. BUT this thing is like Fort Knox. No predators getting in here! We had 12 to start with but sold 2 and had a rooster go to freezer camp. Also lost one to a mysterious smashing incident-no idea. But the 8 girls have plenty of room in this 4x6 coop with double that run space under and next to the coop. they also "free range" in a fenced area outside the coop and run most of the day. I'll try to upload some more recent pics later. Since these have been taken, the run has been covered and part of the coop is sided and painted the green color to match the garage (which also still needs to be painted!)


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