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    The Fayoumi, originating from Egypt, is a breed of chicken not officially recognized by the American Poultry Association despite the breed’s age. With compliments to the Iowa State University, this particular breed came to United States in 1940 as a test subject since the Fayoumi has an unparalleled resistance to many avian diseases including the Marek's Disease. The focus on them never shifted from research which is why they haven't gained entrance into the Standards of Perfection. A very old breed in its native region, the Fayoumi got its name from the Faiyum Governorate southwest of Cairo and west of the Nile.

    Temperament wise, the Fayoumi eschew being confined and are quite difficult to catch once they manage to escape. When confined though, they tend to pick feathers of themselves as well as from other chickens. A Fayoumi is typically loud in nature, screaming like a banshee when picked up by humans.

    The Fayoumis are handsome chicken in general with its appearance resembling that of a roadrunner - breast and neck jutting out, and tails held erect. The breed only has one variety, and in standard size a rooster weighs around 4.5 pounds, while the hen around 3.5 pounds. The Fayoumi matures fast with hens producing eggs by the time it reaches four and a half months, and cockerels crowing by its fifth or sixth week.


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