• We started with the smaller coop(Rick didnt know I would like chickens and guineas this much) We and Ricks nephew Jamie added the second larger coop which is connected by a enclosed tunnel. It can be open or closed off depending on the needs of the birds. Currently we have a cage with four quails in the big side as well as many perches for the guineas and some of the chickens. On the small side we currently have 2 setting hens as well other nest boxes. We have fans tokeep the birds comfortable in the warmer weater.


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  1. My3Cats
    thanks for the comment. love my birds
  2. wingman
    Very attractive set-up you have!
  3. My3Cats
    thank you for your comment
  4. ChickensSayMoo
    That looks great! I really like how you can change things to suit your chickens needs. :)