earls breeder coops

  • there are six coops in this set up. rain is collected off the roof and stored in an insulated 55 gallon plastic drum and the fed to the coops through 360 degree nipples via a pvc line wrapped in insulation, heat tape and duct tape


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  1. earl
    I'm sorry, I dont
  2. dfwquiltr37
    meant to ask if you could do some picture of your water set up. we are also running PVC pipe threw our breeding pens as well, the water is being collected in a 55 gallon barrel. Just wonder how you set yours up?
  3. dfwquiltr37
    Love this set up it is really close to how I have mine set up as well except I do not have the nesting area at the back of mine I just have roosting bars and added in nest boxes. But really like this idea so much better. I think on the pens we do not have the nest boxes in I will see about adding the nest box to the back. We have our pens built off the side of our barn. I will have ours built somewhat in the center and have an access door to the side to get into the laying box.
  4. earl
    thank you verry much, I dont have a shopping list, but the individual runs are 4'x12' the coops are 4'x5'
  5. LindaR
    Very, very nice !
  6. snide
    Kinda looks like a dog kennel run concept... Great Idea!!
  7. quackstitch
    this is such a great idea, do you have info on it, shopping list, etc?