Duck coop?

  • Didn't really know what section to put this under... anywho, I want to build a duck coop for my 2 pekin ducks. They are currently with my chickens but they dont seem happy with their kiddy pool so the family and I decided we would move them to our pond. The benefits are: they would clean out the pond by eating the weeds, would have a more natural life, would have a better diet, espicially that I would not have to clean their kiddy pool! But the question is.. should I use a dog house, like maybe the igloo kind? I need to give them the smallest coop I can. (I really want to provide them a coop because we have a lot of predators.) It also needs to be somewhat inexpensive. I am also interested in building it out of wood/plastic! Thanks


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  1. nickysanford
    I use a dog house for my ducks but they dont seem to like it. I'm trying to think of something different myself.