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    Dominique, more popular as Dominicker, is considered as the oldest breed of chicken in America. From South England, it was brought to New England during the Colonial era, becoming popular during the 19th century. It has been widely raised in different parts of America because of its valuable meat and brown egg. The Dominique, which is also known as Pilgrim Fowl, can gain weight as much as eight pounds when it has already reached its maturity stage.

    In six months, Dominiques can already produce egg. It is an ideal breed for egg production because of its calm trait. This breed is also known for its “motherly” character which earns them more success in raising chicks compared to other breeds. It also has a relatively faster cycle of maturity.

    When another breed of chicken was modified from them, Dominiques started dropping off in attendance. Because of its rarity, people shifted to a new breed called Plymouth Rock. This led to an “almost extinction” of Dominiques during the 1950’s. Currently, the American Livestock Breed Conservancy categorized this breed under the “Watch” list category.

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