• hubby built this coop/run for our 12 hens, 1 Bantam roo, and 2 Guineas. It's covered in netting and surrounded by hot wire. electricity and water supply also installed. so far, they seem to like it. :)


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  1. dirtdiva
    thank you! ours really enjoy the space and freedom to range. We let them range outside the enclosure yesterday afternoon while we were in the yard. No sooner were they out then a red tailed hawk came swooping down! I screamed and ran after it and it flew away, but gave us a big scare. So, no more ranging outside enclosure. :( better safe than sorry.
  2. eggrookie2010
    This is so nice!!!
  3. eldfort
    Love it! Mine's pretty big too and my kids love the room. They're favorite place is the rafters. Figures.