• The Green Garden Chicken's Deluxe Country Club Coop can be found for sale here:

    Features include:
    • Chicken coop, nesting box, and run backyard, all in one deluxe chicken coop
    • Works great for rabbits, chickens, ducks, or other poultry
    • Two wheels for easy relocation, allows you to move the coop throughout your landscape
    • Heavy duty galvanized wire helps keep chickens in and predators out
    • Holds up to 6 - 8 Bantams or 3 - 5 standard hens
    • High strength screwed construction
    • Roof:
      - Hinged roof for easy access to refill food/water and extract eggs
      - Large living house with sliding window for air movement and ventilation
      - Screened side window for good ventilation during hot months, and can easily be covered for cold weather use.
      - Hinged door for easy cleaning or refilling of food and water
      - Sliding access door with a ramp
      Nesting box:
      - Large side-located box
      - Removable nest box divider
      - Hinged nest box lid for convenient access to the eggs
      Slide out droppings tray:
      - Built-in slide out droppings tray makes for easy cleaning
    • Note: Our chicken coops are not guaranteed to be weather-tight and may need additional weather-proofing based on your climate / weather conditions
    • This chicken coop requires minimal assembly and flat packed in 1 or 2 box. All of the wall panels, roof panels, doors, are pre-assembled and will just need to be connected. Each piece with chicken wire already has the chicken wireattachedto the panel. Instructions are included with this coop and can be assembled with common tools such as a screwdriver and a wrench.

    • Review:
      This is an awesome coop from Green Garden Chicken ( Not only is it easy to move around but you can keep your chickens happy and contained while keeping your lawn fertilized too! Very nice overall and good for a handful of big hens and quite a few banties. If this is a coop you're interested in this is where it's sold:


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