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    The Delaware breed, as the name implies, originated from Delaware, United States late in 1940. George Ellis crossed New Hampshire Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock with the intention of creating a breed of chicken with the same egg laying capabilities of its parents but with improved meat potential. The product of that particular cross is what was then known as the Indian Rivers. This Delaware breed, unlike many, has only one variety called the Barred Silver Columbian. Although the Delaware was once just of relative importance, its number dwindled to a few hundred, hence why it’s now classified as critically endangered by organizations such as the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

    Created originally as a commercial, dual-purpose bred of chicken, the Delaware today make excellent backyard chickens with their very good egg laying ability - average of four large eggs per week, even into winter months.

    A notable characteristic a Delaware chicken has is a unique-patterned plumage, accepted into the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection. Though both have predominantly white plumage, the rooster has black bars on its white tail feathers, while the hen has black tail with white lacing. In standard size, a cock weighs 8.5 lbs, while the hen at 6.5 lbs.

Recent Reviews

  1. mancavespencer
    Great egg production and very friendly. And of course very nice to look at.
  2. TheGarryFarm
    "Really great flocks of birds, if you..."
    Pros - Wonderful and friendly and great egg layer
    Cons - Hard to find heritage breeds of delawares
    We have had heritage delawares for the past 3 years. It has become one of my favorites due to their faithful layer, sweet disposition, and thrifty on the feed bill!
  3. CartersLegacy
    Pros - Very Docile and trusting
    Cons - none
    The Delaware is not only a great dual purpose bird, but also makes great pets. One of the most docile standard breed chickens. They actually like to be handled and hand fed, and are very curious as they like to know what you are doing. Great with kids. If you are new to chickens, this breed would be a great starter chicken for you and the family!


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