Delaware Blue Hen

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    The Delaware Blue Hen type of chicken possess quite an interesting history. Obviously, it is the state bird of Delaware and is also used as The University of Delaware's mascot. In the era when cockfighting was a fad, they staged cockfights with blue feathers as part of the entertainment for the troops. After this, they developed a phrase which says, "Blue hens were the birds to beat."

    Since Captain John Caldwell was an avid fan and owner of gamecocks along with other prominent people in the government and society, the Blue Hen of Delaware was nicknamed as "Caldwell's Gamecocks."

    The Blue Hen of Delaware male averages 5 lbs and the female weighs around 4 lbs. Their beaks are yellow, eyes are red in hue. The head, hackle, cape, and saddle vary between the shades of yellow and orange. Their front neck, lower body and tail are blue.


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