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    Cubalaya, a breed of chicken originating from Cuba, is classified as game birds and come from fighting stock. Although this particular breed do well in egg-laying and in the meat department, its combination of Asiatic and European splendor makes it a superb ornamental as well. Because there are only a few hatcheries offering quality Cubalaya brood in American, the Livestock Breeds Conservancy lists the breed as endangered. Cubalaya chicken can tolerate both heat and humidity.

    In mid 19th century, a group of breeders in Cuba crossed Asiatic game fowls from the Philippines and those from Europe in order to create a superior fighting breed. As evidenced by the breed’s good laying capabilities, quality meat and ornamental attributes, the particular group's endeavor is obviously reached.

    One of the disguising characteristics the Cubalaya breed has is its long and broad tail contoured in twenty degrees downward angle -- called a lobster tail. Although the breed comes in many different colors, only three colors are recognized by the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection - White, Black, and Black Breasted Red. The Cubalaya breed of chicken comes in both standard and bantam size.

Recent Reviews

  1. troyer
    "Very people friendly although many do not..."
    Pros - Very people friendly
    Cons - Not production layers if that's what you are looking for!
    Here are some non-recognized colors. A couple spangles and one peppered white.


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