Critterlover's Gang

  • Hi! I have a mixed flock of several breeds of chickens, ducks, guineas, and one turkey who thinks she's just a BIG chicken. :) I have Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Golden Comets, Easter Eggers, Silkies, Frizzles, bantam Cochins, OEGB BB reds, a Barred Rock, a Silver Laced Wyandotte, a Jersey Giant, a Light Brahma, a Rhode Island Red hen and a humongous RIR roo! The ducks are Jumbo Pekin, Indian Runner, Cayuga, and some mixed smaller ones (half call, half something...) The turkey is a blue slate hen. We also have several different inside bird species and 10 cats. My menagerie is always entertaining!


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  1. crtrlovr
    Greetings! I've just come across this forum, and I'm looking forward to meeting some of the sure to be fine folks who love to talk turkey (and chicken, and duck, and goat, and ... ) See ya 'round! :)