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    The Crevecoeur breed of chicken is a rare and continental breed of chicken originating from Normandy, France during the 17th century. The breed was name after a town, and which also means "broken heart". As beautiful the bird is in appearance, the meaning of its name is as dramatic in nature as well. Classified by most Crevecoeur historians as the country's oldest and most foundational breeding, it has since been moved up to exhibition halls instead of as a meat fowl. The Crevecoeur breed is also said to be the progenitor of the breeds Houdan, La Flèche and Faverolles.

    In the US today, there is less than 500 breeding Crevecoeur which is why the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has listed it as endangered worldwide. Bred as a dual-purpose chicken yet often served as purely ornamental, Crevecoeur hens do have the ability to produce 120 medium eggs per year.

    Crevecoeurs have black plumage with a V-shaped, a large crest and dark blue-gray legs. The breed does well in a backyard setting - calm and easy to handle with a few aggressive exception. Although active in nature, they rarely forage for food.


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