Cream Legbar

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    The Legbars chicken are loved by most breeders because of their calm and inquisitive nature. They are often seen in flocks and are rarely separated from other chicks. Their feathers grow and beautifully resemble a checkering pattern. Their color availability come in Gold, Silver and Cream. The gold and silver ones are known to be the types that produce cream or white colored eggs. The Cream-colored Legbar is famous for their blue-egg laying capability.

    Considered to be one of the best all-around backyard breed, they are quite a hard find and are quite pricey. This breed comes from the crossing of three chicken breeds - The Barred Rock, Brown Leghorn and the Araucana chickens. This kind of breed can tolerate any kind of climate and can easily be imported from the UK where it is said to originate. It is said to be capable of laying around 180 or more eggs in a year is are described to be the chicken breed with an autosexing nature as the male just almost effortlessly courts its hen.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Trouble free ,she loves laying lots of blue..."
    Pros - Best blue egg layer ever. Auto sexing at hatch .
    Cons - None
    Very good foragers , very easy to keep and just wants to lay eggs for you .
    Non sitter.


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