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    The Cornish, first known as the Indian Game chicken, was developed by Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert in the county of Cornwall, England around 1820. It is said that this particular breed was the result of a cross between Red Aseel and a Black Breasted Red Game of the Lord Derby type. Like most chickens, it was breed for the purpose of creating a superior fighting breed. The cross failed in that endeavor, yet it did produce a unique fowl known for its fantastic meat. In fact, Cornish chickens are quite famous in the chicken meat industry.

    A muscular breed of chicken, the Cornish is large and stocky in form, with short feathers that are often quite narrow, misleading of its real weight. There are two known varieties - Cornish Game and Jubilee Cornish Game. The former is green in color, though the hens have brown patterning on them, while the latter variety is usually light wheaten in coloring and posses a lighter and less stocky appearance.

    The Cornish hen on average can lay about 160-180 eggs per year.

Recent Reviews

  1. tgoing04
    "More trouble than expected. Hard on the other..."
    Pros - Growing fast
    Cons - Way too aggressive
    From about the second week these chicks have been extremely aggressive for food. They knock the feeders out of my hands, swarm on top of each other and take the food that should be sufficing the entire coop. I have not enjoyed this raise.


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