Coop & Run (Almost done)

  • This is a work in progress that is nearly complete. It has a run that is 10' x 8' and a hen house that is roughly 4' x 8'. My current plan is to start with 6 to 8 chickens. I am new to chickens so any feedback welcome!


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  1. jmc0319
    I just added a few of the inside to the original post. I wound up getting a cheap linoleum leftover and put it on the floor of the coop. The window you see is plexiglass with a wooden shutter that latches. I include two large clean out doors at the height of a wheel barrow to make it easier for me.
  2. 4clucks
    Looking good. I am hoping to get started on a new coop soon. Like your design. Any pics possible of the inside of the house part?
  3. wingman
    Very nice! Job well done!