• This is my first time raising chicks and ducklings. My hubby made a brooder out of a sheet of plywood. We sectioned it off with dividers so that we can keep making it bigger as they grow.
    They seem happy at the moment.


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  1. JaysGirl
    @Darklingi used something similar to this for my roof and I will also be putting it on the floor of my coop when it's done
  2. Sgtfirstwife
    That is a great brooder box. Hope you don't mind but I am borrowing this to see if my hubby can make one. We are moving to a large property soon and this would be perfect for the barn. I would agree to put something put something on it to make it waterproof. Duck are little water bombs and MESSY!! Thank you both for sharing.
  3. Darkling
    that looks awesome. If you plan to keep reusing it, my suggestion would to be to paint it with something like Rhino liner. Walmart sells a similar product by the gallon. I've already written to Rhino liner and it is totally safe for animals and makes things water resistant. Which by now I'm sure you've notice that for some reason ducks get everything wet.