Colombian Rock

  1. Frosty
    "needs extra care"
    Pros - yjey are realy friendly, good egg layers, not flighty, love em.
    Cons - they are not the most healthy chicken. they need a little extra care
    out of my hens the first one to die has always been them, but my faviriot hen is one, she is soo sweet/ you will hold your hands out and she will clime into your lap and snuggle.
  2. Blondie-chicken
    "Great pets, they come when I whistle for them,..."
    Pros - Sweet and friendly, good layers, good pets, very pretty
    Cons - escape artists, like to get out and explore
    I just love my Columbian Rocks. :)
    Great pets, they come when I whistle for them, they follow me everywhere, they like to snuggle and they peck at my shoes until I turn over a rock or mat so that they can get the worms underneath. The neighbourhood kids love them and they give us 1 medium to super-large egg from each hen every day. :)
  3. whoisit
    "not sure what this is"
    Pros - friendly,and great layers
    Cons - to friendly
    they follow me around the yard wanting me to turn over objects so they can get the bugs,they come running when they see me