Colombian Rock

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    The Columbian Rock, is a crossbreed which falls under the Plymouth Rock. They are a generally great breed for farms. They are not known to be aggressive and are easily tamed as well. Very docile. They are commonly bred for both its egg-laying capability as well as its meat. Today, the Columbian Rock are tagged as one of the hardest breed to find.

    The Columbian Rock chickens have long, broad back and they also possess a moderately deep and full breast plus a single average-sized comb. They were bred in the U.S. in the mid-19th century.

    Since the Columbian Rock is only a sub-breed of the Plymouth Rocks, we can distinctly classify the Columbian Rock as the breed with white or cream-colored feathers on its neck, head and some parts of its wings and then having black covering for its whole body up to its tail. Their feet are not covered with feathers. The average weight for the rooster is about 7.5 lbs to 9.5 lbs. They lay light to medium brown eggs with a touch of pink.

Recent Reviews

  1. Frosty
    "needs extra care"
    Pros - yjey are realy friendly, good egg layers, not flighty, love em.
    Cons - they are not the most healthy chicken. they need a little extra care
    out of my hens the first one to die has always been them, but my faviriot hen is one, she is soo sweet/ you will hold your hands out and she will clime into your lap and snuggle.
  2. Blondie-chicken
    "Great pets, they come when I whistle for them,..."
    Pros - Sweet and friendly, good layers, good pets, very pretty
    Cons - escape artists, like to get out and explore
    I just love my Columbian Rocks. :)
    Great pets, they come when I whistle for them, they follow me everywhere, they like to snuggle and they peck at my shoes until I turn over a rock or mat so that they can get the worms underneath. The neighbourhood kids love them and they give us 1 medium to super-large egg from each hen every day. :)
  3. whoisit
    "not sure what this is"
    Pros - friendly,and great layers
    Cons - to friendly
    they follow me around the yard wanting me to turn over objects so they can get the bugs,they come running when they see me


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