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    The Cochin (pronounced as ‘coach-ins’) also known as Cochin China or Shanghai China was originally bred in the Shanghai District of China in the early 1850s. While this specific breed of chicken is not famous for its ability to lay egg, it became most prominent when it was given as a gift to Queen Victoria of England during the 1800s. In the mid 19th century, the breed was exported to United Kingdom and the United States. Today, the Cochin is one of the largest breeds among people who keep poultry as a hobby.

    Cochins are one of the largest breeds of chicken because it weighs heavily. Cockerels can weigh up to 5 kilograms while the hens at about 3.9 kilograms each. Because of their enormous size and the number of heavy feathers that they have, Cochins often suffer from slow metabolism and heart problems. Therefore, they need a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate enclosure where they can freely move and exercise. In spite of this, they can tolerate wintry weather and are surprisingly hardy during the cold season.

Recent Reviews

  1. mcderry1967
    "Sounds just about right."
    Pros - Friendly calm birds that make great pets.
    Cons - They get cold feet when their leg feathers get wet.
    I love my 3 cochins. They eat right from my hand. The roo is 2nd roo in a flock of 3 wyandottes but he appears happy to let his friend "Paul" be the leader of my small flock. They are extremely friendly and I love to hold them.
  2. wilburgsmith
    "chicken as variety"
    Pros - cochin
    Cons - This is nice
    This is such a great site, i was searching for this wonderful forum.

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  3. Apyl
    "Great breed, great personality, and great..."
    Pros - Fluffy, great personality
    Cons - None that I found yet
    I have both a male and female White Cochin. The ONLY con I can think of does not associate with the breed but the color I have. My White Cochin like to hang uut under the vehicles and tend to get very dirty. This breed has great personality, friendly, soft, like to be held, funny to watch, heck they are an great all around chicken. My female just turned 20 weeks old yestarday, so I am waiting to see how well of a layer she will be.


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