Chickycat's coop

  • My husband built this coop for the chickens he got me for Mother's Day two years ago. It is 4' by 12' and has since had three nesting boxes put on the end near the door and is painted green now. My intent was to paint it with hippie symbols like Love and peace signs and flowers, then attach a sign that reads Hippie Chicks, but haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I am now down to 1 chicken as foxes and a bobcat took out my whole flock. We will be moving to WV very soon, so going to wait to get my new chickens then.
    We used scrap plywood that was given to us. There is a door that opens under the roost area, and chicken wire over the area for ease of cleaning, and to keep them from getting into the mess.
    He also built a smaller version of this coop for my Silkies, which were all killed by the foxes. We will definitely be fencing them in in WV.


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