Chicken Sanctuary

  • Chicken Sanctuary RoostingLaying A-Frame Features

    · Nesting boxes - two (2) with an outside access door for easy retrieval of eggs.
    · Roosting area in the center of the A-Frame.
    · Automatic watering device inserted into the Dome at the front.
    · Automatic feeding area inside the Dome.
    · Automatic door – A computer controlled door from the roosting area to the watering area closes 30 minutes after sundown and opens 30 minutes after the sunrise.


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  1. taxmoms
    We have designed our own. We build earth heated greenhouse domes also. As we get a better design, we will share it.
  2. MargieLu1982
    Did you design your dome environment, or is it commercially available for sale? I've been pasturing in hoop coops, but mine are so large that they're not portable. I am interested in learning how you built or bought yours, especially the auto feeder amd waterer. Thanks!