• We built this with chickens in mind, planning out the size requirements, using a poo board under the roosts, and knowing we wanted exterior egg boxes to maximize the floor space inside. There is a feeder inside, and if it is too cold and too much snow outside, I supplement water inside.

    I started with 17 chicks, then added another 17 the following year, and have been adding 20 each year, and finding homes for about 10 each year, trying to keep close to 40 during the Winter time.

    We built this coop up high to allow the chickens to hide out of the bad weather (rain, sun) and to be able to hide from flying predators. The hens have to hop up on a log, and then up again to get inside, to also protect against ground predators. I have an automatic coop door (from Murry McMurray), that opens at dawn, and closes 15 minutes after dark, then has an LED light panel that comes on 8 hours after dark. During the Winter, the girls can get up and go eat some food, and lay and egg before dawn, and then go outside, if they wish.


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  1. Americhicken
    This is a pretty awesome coop! Wish I was as good as you!