Chicken/hen House

  • The picture should show our coop and yard. The "house" was built on a concrete pad that previously held a hog house. Being a hog house it was pretty low and we had to duck to enter. We've built it much taller. The walk in door is on theEast side with windows on the West and South of the house too.

    Our chicken yard is about 30' by 24' and is enclosed within a fenced in pasture about a half acre in size that surounds the barn. There is another large pen inside the chicken yard about 8' by 8' where we can isolate our birds. Our rabbitpens can just be seen behind the hen house. My grandparents always refered to the coops as the "hen-house".

    We have one stall in the barn we have moved the rabbits into for the winter. There is a feed tray inside for the chickens and also nesting boxes. We will have a heated waterer in the barn later this week. There is a heated waterer in the hen house/coop.

    The pictures are just what I've already had in our computer to date. I'll have more later on.

    We have lived on this homestead for thirty years.


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  1. CharlieEcho
    @dfwquiltr37 Thank you. Carpentry is a hobby too.
  2. dfwquiltr37
    Great job on the Hen House.