Chick Hen Farm

  • This is a standard chicken coop with attached run. My chickens are "Free Range" and are let out when I am present to look after them.


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  1. chickhenfarm
    @dominiques Yes it is just the ground. I had researched about using lime every so often to kill bacteria/mold/etc. So if it's wet for an extended period of time I will do that (following the directions I found online) My chickens are old enough to free range now, so as long as I feel there is no threat of predators, I will let them out (which is most of the time) if there is severe weather, I have them to stay in the pen for ease of rounding them up.
  2. chickhenfarm
    @chickenfarmer I have wood shavings. I go in every couple 2-3 days and scoop the excess litter and once every 2-3 weeks I replace it. Now that they are old enough to roost (and they fly up as high as they can get) I don't have to do it as often because they aren't lying in it.
  3. dominiques
    I was wondering what you do for the bottom of your run. Do you have anything there besides the ground? Hardware cloth or chicken wire? Great visual; thanks!
  4. chickenfarmer
    What do you have on the floor of your coop?