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    The Chantecler has its origin at the Cisterian Abbey of Notre Dame du Lac in Oka, Quebec of Canada. In 1908, Brother Wilfred Chatelain and his fellow monks developed the breed mainly for egg and meat production. In 1921, it was dubbed as the first-ever and only homegrown Canadian breed by the American Poultry Association and was later on admitted into the Association’s Standard of Perfection.

    The Chantecler comes in two recognized varieties - the White and Partridge (in standard and Bantam). Both varieties have nearly non-existent wattles and unusually little cushion combs. It is extremely cold-resistant and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to raise fowls in a wintry climate. Not surprisingly, the breed is also extremely hardy as it can lay large, brown eggs all throughout the winter months. Commercial hatcheries maintained by few small farms raise this breed to keep them as layers, for meat and livestock.


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