• Our pair of Cattle Panel Hoop Tractors, each holding a dozen birds that are protected by Earlene our Pyrenees pup. Easy build using new and recycled materials.


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  1. ChickensSayMoo
  2. nanaleronna
    @BloodySabb Thank You!!!
  3. BloodySabb
    @madridprepper @nanaleronna Here's the build, I just added the chicken wire instead of poly and added a few roosting poles, 2 landings a back wall and tarp ziptied on for roof / shade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DKlXs8iov0
  4. madridprepper
    would love supply list and step by step
  5. BloodySabb
    @cindi they move to the hen house, presently building second hen house https://www.chickenforum.com/chicken-coops/tennessee-hen-house-550.html
  6. cindi
    what do u put on it in the winter?
  7. nanaleronna
    Do you have a supply list & instructions??