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    The Campine chicken breed originated from Belgium’s Campine region as simple village hens. Its name is derived from the area where it has been bred for several centuries. Records show that its ancient ancestry started in Belgium and is further developed in the United States and the United Kingdom around 1901.

    The Campine has attractive penciled feather pattern. Its close-fitting feathers make it appear even smaller than it is. Campine hens have long sickle feathers in the tail, hackle and saddle while these features are absent in their male counterparts. While they share the same penciling feather pattern, the cocks are more hen-feathered.

    Furthermore, these chickens are best known for their medium to large white eggs which defy the stereotype that darker chicken produce dark egg. In fact, Campine hens are primarily bred for egg production. One hen can lay approximately 200 eggs in the first year. Lastly, standard Campine hens weigh 22 ounces while the cocks weigh 4 ounces more.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Useful breed to own ."
    Pros - Great egg layer and stunning looking breed .
    Cons - Likes to free range ,very flighty breed.
    Great for showing or layer.


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