Cackle Shack

  • My Cackle shack can house about7 Standard Chickens.The inside of the coop is about 3x5 ft. The run is 5x6 ft only, but the chickens free range all day in my closed in back yard. There are screened windows on 3 sides that can be closed in the winter or in bad weather. There is a solar fan attached to the top of the west side to help disperse the heat in the summer. There are two nesting boxes in the back. My helper Penny likes to stand on them and watch the chickens. The pop door is pretty heavy, but can be opened or closed at will from the outside. The entire east side of the coop can be opened up to facilitate cleaning. There are two roosts inside at different heights insidethecoop almost the entire length of the coop. Outside, there is a dedicated dust bathing pool (sand and peat moss) and am now trying to figure out how to build a free standing swing in the yard.
    I had to do a re-do on the coop since it kept getting wet when it rained. I tried tarps but they did not work. I put a wood roof that overhangs each side about 1 to 1 1/2 feet but it still got wet inside. I ended up putting up a \"shower curtain\" around the sides and back and that has solved my problem. I used to use the PVC pipes to feed the chooks, but rats and squirrels got most of the feed. I switched to Fermented Feed and just put it in a big planter saucer.


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