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    The Buckeye chicken is the only pure American breed to sport a pea comb. A generally calm breed, there are cases however when the males become quite aggressive. Their main feathers come in mahogany red and their tails come in black. Males, however, have other dark feathering and usually weigh 2.5 lbs heavier than the hen (female). Average weight for male is 9 lbs and 6 lbs for the hen.

    The Buckeye chicken was probably named after Ohio Buckeye's seed since its plumage resemble its color. This breed is also quite similar in appearance to the Rhode Island Red breed, but the common distinction that sets them apart is the bar of slate color on their feathers behind them. Also, their body is much more compact and stocky and they also have a short yet broad back.This kind of chicken breed produces and lays eggs averaging 150 to 200 brown eggs in a year.

Recent Reviews

  1. BuckeyeChickens
    "Excellent Dual Purpose Fowl"
    Pros - Dual Purpose Friendly Easy Keepers Great Foragers
    Cons - Love to Eat
    I have bred and owned Buckeyes since 2002 and have NEVER had a Rooster that was aggressive toward a human! However, having said that I know people raise birds differently and environment can play a role in how a bird becomes aggressive. Buckeyes are one of the friendliest easy going chickens I've ever kept and my experience includes both free range and coop raising. They are excellent forageers but tolerate confinement very well too.

    The history of the breed has been one of controversy for years and the true history can be found in Nettie Metcalf's own writing (the breed creator) at the American Buckeye Club website/blog (www.americanbuckeyeclub.blogspot.com) if you are interested in learning more!
  2. Marengoite
    "Excellent Dual Purpose fowl"
    Pros - Dual purpose, good layer, calm, friendly
    Cons - Slow maturation rate for broiler chickens
    This is the best all-around homesteading chicken available. The breed has gone through a recent revival and is recovering from its "critical" status on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy watch list. That means there are a variety of good breeders out there with excellent stock. If one is looking for a good forager, year-round layer, calm personality, and also broiler chickens, this breed represents the best compromise available. Layers of large light brown eggs, these chickens rarely fuss among themselves, will come running whenever you have treats and make excellent pets.
  3. jww6419
    I have a buckeye hen and we love her. The rules the roost but is never aggressive to us. She is very talkative and a good layer.


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