• Brooder made from an entertainment center purchased from craigslist & scrap around the house.


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  1. amberleighe
    Fantastic! I think I'll turn our old entertainment center into a brooder for when they out grow my smaller brooder. I just love this... color and all!
  2. LazyH
    Awesome! I have an old entertainment center I was going to throw out. Now, I am going to use it for a brooder for my silkies to hatch and brood in. Thanks!
  3. thewhisperingoaks
    that's nice looking, great idea.
  4. aecarlton
    What a great idea! I may have a new winter project now :)
  5. MatthewBK
    This is perfect. I LOVE this idea, thanks. Now I'll be stalking Craigslist for an entertainment center. ;)