British Tailed Araucana

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    Araucanas are said to be pure bred chicken which originated in Chile, South America. This kind of pure breed is the only breed which is said to solely carry and lay the blue egg gene. Several crossbred varieties of chicken which are capable of blue egg-laying are mentioned to have come from the Araucanas. Records show that the Araucanas were able to lay 240 eggs a year in the earlier years. Unfortunately, today, there has been a decline to an average of 180 to 200 eggs per annum.

    One of the Araucanas types is the British Tailed Araucanas which are recognized to be backyard chicken pets which possess calm and friendly personalities. They are commonly happy and are easy to take care of and breed. Also, they are able to tolerate cold climates unlike other breeds. They also produce blue eggs for a period of 5 years at the least.

    The primary purpose for this breed is ornamental. They can come in Lavender, blue, black/red, silver duckwing, golden duckwing, blue/red, ply, creel, spangled, cuckoo, black and white.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Good blue egg layer."
    Pros - Very self reliant breed, gets on with her job .
    Cons - Not always easy to sex as young growers .
    The lavender bantams are the most popular in the UK.
    We keep large fowl and bantams in Red/Black , Black and bantam Lavenders . .
    Adore them


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