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    The Breda breed originally came from France although some consider it to have emanated from a Dutch breed. Recent statistics show that the Breda breed is still currently non-existent in the United States because of certain standards unmet by the breed. Also, researches still have unknown study on its origin and how it was bred and produced.

    The Breda is a large chicken breed and its size makes it a good meat option. They are strong chickens. They produce medium sized eggs which are white in color. They are very calm, easy to handle and take care of. Not hard to breed because they don't have much problem when they change partners for reproduction. Not competitive at all.

    The Breda's head is shaped with its crested tassel, it lacks a comb, and has large shell nostrils that looks like a crow. This is why they are called Breda or "Crowhead" in Dutch. Another interesting physical characteristic of the Breda is its feet are feathered. They come in black, white, hemmed blue, cuckoo, and black-spotted colors.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sylvester017
    "Fairly gentle non-combative breed compared to..."
    Pros - Beautiful, funky-looking, unusual eye candy, non-combative, several colors to choose from
    Cons - Might be sensitive to illnesses, very heavily feathered feet/toes not recommended for rain/mud
    This rare bird is a stunner if you like the unusual or weird with its cavernous nostrils, heavily feather-flippered feet, vulture hocks, no comb, and many varieties of feather colors to choose from - the cocks are particularly handsome. I understand this breed is difficult to raise so rather than starting with eggs or chicks I have ordered a juvenile pullet from a breeder who has diverse stock, many colors, and is NPIP certified. I would not recommend this bird for beginners who are only looking for egg-layers to start with. This bird is a rare breed and should be pampered a little and either kept with its own breed or integrated with non-combative breeds like Silkies, Sultans, Cochins, Houdans, Polish, Ameraucana, Araucana, Easter Egger, etc and not mingled with larger assertive heritage breeds like RIR, BR, NHR, Marans, Wyans, \'Orps, \'Lorps, Leghorns (or any of the Mediterranean class), etc. That being said I am looking forward to a healthy pullet that has a good reputation for laying medium to large white eggs. As in any breeding program if you plan to raise this gorgeous bird make certain to get stock from different reputable breeders to give the birds diverse genes to improve their immune systems from common poultry ailments like CRD, Coccidiosis, etc. We also use organic Manna Pro Poultry Protector spray on all our flock and coops for lice/mite preventative health maintenance. As with any feather-footed breeds (Silkies, Sultans, Faverolles, Cochins, Bredas, etc) you will need this preventative maintenance at least once a month for optimum parasite control. Actually this is a good routine for any breed of chickens in a flock. During stressful times like molting, brooding, rising/plummeting temp changes, appetite loss, nesting chicks, etc, we give the hens ONE drop of no-iron children\'s Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin on the side of the hen\'s beak so she has to lick the annoying drop off her beak with her tongue - dosage is one drop 2 times per week for a stressed hen. A nice pick-me-up and supplement to boost wellness.
    UPDATE: We were mis-shipped a Blue Breda cockerel and kept him for a little while for quarantine before re-homing him - hated to give him up he was so curious and friendly. Then we got our pullet and the females are quite petite compared to the males - we find our pullet just as endearing, outgoing, curious, and friendly as the male. Lovely temperaments and great gentle pets as well as utility. There are several color varieties but our favorite are the Blues.
    UPDATE: She\'s a terrific layer of good sized white eggs! Love this funny curious outgoing friendly breed! Wish we knew about Breda sooner!
  2. Mystic-Farms
    "These are a great bird for someone who wants..."
    Pros - Very hardy, unique, great layers
    Cons - Skittish, slightly flighty
    Breda are fun to watch and are awesome foragers. They are hardy and unique for those who want something different. I have enjoyed mine and look forward to being able to share the uniqueness!


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