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    The Breda breed originally came from France although some consider it to have emanated from a Dutch breed. Recent statistics show that the Breda breed is still currently non-existent in the United States because of certain standards unmet by the breed. Also, researches still have unknown study on its origin and how it was bred and produced.

    The Breda is a large chicken breed and its size makes it a good meat option. They are strong chickens. They produce medium sized eggs which are white in color. They are very calm, easy to handle and take care of. Not hard to breed because they don't have much problem when they change partners for reproduction. Not competitive at all.

    The Breda's head is shaped with its crested tassel, it lacks a comb, and has large shell nostrils that looks like a crow. This is why they are called Breda or "Crowhead" in Dutch. Another interesting physical characteristic of the Breda is its feet are feathered. They come in black, white, hemmed blue, cuckoo, and black-spotted colors.

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