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    The Brahma is a good brooder chicken which is named after the Brahmaputra region in India. It belongs in the Asiatic class and is generally known as cold weather birds. They are quiet and tame, and are usually docile. It can tolerate confinement, and because of that, the Brahma is considered to be an excellent backyard chicken.

    They were believed to be first brought to the United States in 1846 from China; although they were essentially created in the United States in 1850-1890.

    While their heritage is unclear, most raisers appreciate it for its enormous size, strength and vigor. It has an average standard weight of 13-14 pounds for hens and 17-18 pounds for cocks. It lays medium brown eggs and is not much of a prolific layer. Thus, it is mainly bred for meat and not so much for egg production. It comes in three color varieties, namely; the light, dark and the buff.

Recent Reviews

  1. zcswine
    "I feel that people aren't fair enough with..."
    Pros - The Buff Brahma has an excellent temperment and is very easy to handle. Very pretty. Excellent broody mothers. Will lay regularly even in colder weather.
    Cons - Doesn't lay as many eggs as other breeds. Is broody.
    We love our buff brahmas.


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