Brahma Bantam

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    Brahmas, the human-friendly birds, are considered to be ornamental despite the fact that they look huge. They look big because they really are. A cock would usually weigh 12 pounds, the heaviest they can get. On the other hand, the pullet can weigh eight pounds.

    They're usually calm and they don't get scared or annoyed easily. They're not aggressive even with humans. These are the reasons why they make really good chicken pets.

    This buff breed that comes in different colors both light and dark was introduced to the United States in the year 1846. It got exported from British India. This breed is very reliable when it comes to egg-laying. They lay eggs even throughout the winter season. Nowadays, the Brahmas serve as ornamental birds despite the fact that it can lay numerous eggs in a year. They say this breed is very easy to train. But also noted is the fact that they have to be trained at an early age because they can get really big afterwards.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Cuddly Teddy Bear of a bird , even the male..."
    Pros - Calm very friendly .
    Cons - Not many eggs per season .
    Chunky sweet pets .


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