Booted Bantam

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    The Booted Bantam, also referred to as the Dutch Booted Bantam or Sabelspoots, is called “booted” because of its feathered legs and feet. The extravagant feathering on the feet and the hock joints are called vulture hocks or “sables” in Dutch. They also have powerful and strong legs, as well as thighs, which are heavily furnished with rigid feathers on the outer side.

    Apart from its striking appearance, these chickens are often exceedingly brightly colored. They have colored contrasting plumages that cause them to look bigger than they are. Black, porcelain, blue and white is its recognized varieties which originated from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

    One of the advantages to raising Booted Bantams is its ability to lay exceedingly small eggs once in a while. With proper care, hens produce creamy-white or tinted eggs at a good amount each year. Raisers should expect to see about four to five eggs being laid per week and this will continue for the first two years.


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