• We built a coop off the right side of our barn. It has electricity so we can use heaters for our waterers.


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  1. wingman
    Nice! Love your coop!
  2. EMO
    Noticed a goat by he small door in the first photo. I had a little trial and error on door size because the kids kept squeezing in to see what the chickens had to eat. Kids are all grown now but hey still like to stick their heads in just in case there might be food right near the door. Used to aggravate the rooster but now he just waits patiently for them to get bored and move.
  3. Gardeningmama
    I absolutely love this set up. Just might have to steal some ideas.
  4. dfwquiltr37
    Really like your coop. We might be buying 10 acres of land with nothing on it, we will need to build a barn for the horses. Think I will show this to hubby for an idea.
  5. boggycreekfarms
    We have about 50 laying hens. Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks about 25 of each breed. We are an Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) farm and we sell our free range eggs out in our community. You can check us out at: www.boggycreekfarms.com.