Black Tail Buff Marans

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    Black Tail Buff Marans lay a glossy medium-dark to dark brown egg. Properly colored BTB hens look similar to the more common Wheaten Marans and do indeed share some genetics including the wheaten gene, but BTB are golden-red and have less contrasting tone. Wheaten hens, by comparison, have a darker head and a more beige to cream color contrast with a noticeably lighter underfluff. Black tail buff / Wheaten cross females can be a bit tricky to distinquish. Quality Black Tail Buff males and females can be described as looking similar to a New Hampshire Red except for the buff feathered white shanks. Black Tail Buff Marans are excellent layers and have very pleasant temperaments.

Recent Reviews

  1. chickenfarmer1525
    I live in canada and have been looking to get some maran hens and a rooster to raise some. Wondering if you know of a breeder here or a way to send some eggs or chicks this direction
  2. qcupoultry
    "The black tail buff marans is a variety of..."
    Pros - Docile, good egg layer
    Cons - Rare marans color variety
    My black tail buff marans are very friendly and a joy to have on the farm.


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