Big Barn Coop & run

  • My hubby secured this old coop on the farm we're renting & added to it. He closed gaps, coveted holes, & ran a tight weave fencing, even up the rafters. He ran a mister along the outside wall that cools them all & the calves too. The bar keeps the cows out. Outside he buried a foot of fencing & coveted the chicken run. The run from the Guinea's coop is open on top so they can come & go. Inside he divided the 14'x10' into 2 smaller areas & a larger one. Right now the mean Roos are in the one without a run. The 2 nice Roos & their girls get the big area & outside run. The Guineas get the 2nd smaller area & open-top outside run. All but the mean Roos free-range all day. The Roos will be in the freezer by the end of July. No room for meanies! I'll use that area for broody hens. He closed in an old horse shed for a batch of Cornish-cross chicks. They love their mister! I thrown them grains, seeds, & mealworms. I'm hoping to free-range them a little too. View attachment 126


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