Bi-level Coop on Wheels from pallets wood

  • My dh built us a temporary coop to house our 4 girls in while he built a permanent one. This one he used everything we had currently on hand and free pallet wood. He made 2 levels with 2 ramps and we used old wooden drawers from a desk for their nesting boxes. We\'re able to wheel them out in the mornings and pull them back in to the garage at night. I plan on keeping it when they move to the McMansion for when we bring new chicks into the group or dare I say, 1 of my girls has a cold or injured.
    My hubby deserves tons of praise for the incredible job he did building this 1st coop. He doesn\'t build (works in corporate America w computers )and has never seen a coop in person except for the display at our TSC. He\'s doing an even better job w the McMansion because he has used wood I\'ve gotten free off a job site where their building a large office building and the only tools he\'s had to cut with are a skil saw, jig saw and reciprocating saw. I\'ll post pictures of that when it\'s finished.


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