• Most of these pics were taken during the building stage. It's a work in progress and as "chicken math" keeps kicking my butt, I need to keep adding on.

    My coop is a converted 10x16 shed with 8 ft side walls. The inside is split from front to back to make a left and right side. There is a wire wall down the middle that has a chicken door in the middle of it. I can close it off when I am trying to introduce new chicks to the flock. Each side has five nest boxes and an outside run. The wire wall sits four feet from the front so I have storage space for feed. In the front is a 6x10 baby pen. The babies also have access to the front four feet of the coop. With all doors open, all chickens can have run of all three enclosed areas.

    My left side outside pen is approx 25x10 and has two roosts, a salad bar and a baby pool. The right side pen has an outside roost, grit pan and fruit pinata. My chickens seem to like to hang out on the left side early in the AM when the sun comes up, and the right side when the sun is going down.

    My runs are fully enclosed to keep them safe from predators. My oldest girls are let out each evening to free range. I only let them out when I am home and outside with them. They follow me around like little puppies. Right now their goal in life is to scrounge through the old pine shavings that have been composting and are full of maggots and other tasty treats.


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  1. Conelrad
    Nice setup you have there in the pines! DG