• this is my first chicken coop. I have 7 chickens, 3 white, 3 brown and 1 little black hen. They all lay brown eggs....I'm not really sure of the breeds. I have an 8x10 shed that my son in law built for me and we put a dog run on it for the chickens to go out in. We put field stone around the entire bottom of the coop and run so that nothing could dig under the fence and get them. I have 8 laying boxes in the coop that they lay their eggs in.


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  1. ajdat6ppw
    My coop is allmost like this one but where the window is i have a door with a window on it.THE COOP IS 5 FEET BY 12 feet I had 10 chickens 3 beardrocks,4 rhodeisland reds and 3 new hampshire reds? Now I only have the 3 newhampshire reds.I gave the rest away because i am alergic to eggs.but my wife is not i have 9 laying boxes for 3 hens.the fence is chain link 10x10x6 feet high with chain link on top with a tarp i am going to put chicken wire on the bottom with masonry blocks on it.Will send piciure later.